American Express - Visa - MasterCard credit cards accepted for payment

American Express - Visa - MasterCard credit cards accepted for payment


Intense levels of Extended Arousal

Even if you are a done-it-all dynamo, Ms. Christina Lind will show you some things so new that they are guaranteed to blow your socks off. A heavenly journey to multiply your pleasure, not just a heated rush to climax. Rediscover intimacy, sensuality and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you are stuck in a routine or looking to add more spice to your life, Christina Lind will come to your rescue. Dubai´s No. 1 tantric massage, sensual massage, therapeutic sensual massage by Scandinavian Certified Specialist Sexologist Christina Lind. Experience Tantra Super Potency. Sensual Tantra massage and tantric touch bookings at Meet your professional Tantra therapist to experience the Magic Touch. Although Christina Lind would prefer 2 - 6 days notice, she can sometimes be available on 12 - 6 hours notice to meet latest at 20 pm. 

Reviews and Testimonials of Specialist Sexologist Christina Lind

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for a unique experience I will not soon forget. Hopefully we´ll be able to meet again in the near-future."  Mr. Alex P., 29, Writer, Dubai 
"It was a lovely moment and we did connect very well in my opinion. I can tell that, because I was feeling very relaxed. I could feel a lot of energy passing through during our conversation and that was a nice feeling at a first meeting. I can see that further meetings could build on that, and the exchange could be even richer. These moments are immaterial for me. Their value resides in the experience, the feelings, the exchange and this is priceless.Dr. Alan S., 43, Dubai
"Your treatment worked like a charm. It took me a while to implement some of the advices you provided. I understand that these things don´t change in a night, but it was worth it.  I feel like I am a king again and can do anything. Oh yeah, my wife liked so much of the new position you demonstrated me the other day and she wants me to show her more that can make her happier. I loved your massage, too. " Mr. Khaled Al H., 33, GM, Abu Dhabi 
"Thank you for caring and being so beautiful in and out. It was an enlightening experience with you. What you told me was not "news" to me. I guess I have taken one step towards healing by coming to you." Mr. Hamad A., 32, Entrepreneur, Kuwait city
"Thank you very much for providing tips and the amazing treatment. I have started trying the tips and could see interesting results. I am no more worried about PE / ED." Mr. P. S., 28, Student, Dubai
"My time with you yesterday was one of the best experiences in my life, I immediately went into deep sleep until night. Thank you and hope to see you very soon." Mr. Faisal H., 29, Lawyer, Saudi-Arabia

No More PE-ED: Non-medical sexual healing with Professional Certified Tantra

Enjoy Longer and Harder sessions with your partner. The Original Christina Lind Royal Tantra Massage© for professional sensual tantric massage, Tantra massage therapy in the UAE. New depths of pleasure with your new Stamina. Intense Full Body Experience instead of quick release. Instant improvement in every aspect of your Sexual Love Life and Vitality in general. Fast arousal - Amazing hardness - Super Potency - Ultimate control. Tantric healing touch to Learn the Secret to Non-Stop pleasure as long a you like. Improved Blood Circulation, Multiple and Full Body Experiences. Spontaneity instead of mechanical performing. Fun and Easy Kama Sutra and more. When you are ready for Gourmet Tantra, the most exclusive outcall VIP therapeutic massages in Dubai, please email Enjoy a truly transforming, professional and private Christina Lind Tantra© treatment ever. Please book online at www. to meet with Ms. Christina Lind. 
Tantric massage, sensual massage professional, Royal Tantra Massage© in Doha. Doha´s Premier therapeutic sensual massage, the No. 1 tantric massage by Christina Lind. Mobile phone contact number for an SMS 00971 50 969 0857 for professional female therapist in Dubai, Doha, Qatar and Kuwait city, Kuwait. Dubai´s Premier Tantra sensual tantric Royal Tantra massage©, tantric healing touch treatment by Christina Lind. Adult pre-marital Certified love sex education, non-medical professional sexual healing, therapeutic sensual massage. Contact outside of the UAE (Doha, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA) from Dammam, Khobar, Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by email Contact for safe, hygienic and professional Scandinavian certified tantric massage, sensual massage in Dubai for outcall massage therapy sessions in the UAE. 

Adventure into The Gourmet Tantric Massage | Sensual Massage Beyond the Norm

Professional Scandinavian Certified tantric healing massage therapy, sensual therapeutic massage in Dubai. No more PE - ED. Safe, sensual massage, therapeutic tantric massage with Dubai´s Royal Tantra Massage© Specialist Sexologist in Dubai, Kuwait and Doha. Dubai´s Scandinavian Certified Christina Lind Royal Tantra Massage© is Dubai´s No. 1 sensual massage. Tantric massage for Super Potency - Strong Stamina. No more complicated theories, just fine-tuning your love skills that are guaranteed to drive you and your partner wild. Book online at, or SMS Ms. Christina Lind +971 50 969 0857, in the UAE 050 969 0857. Note that Christina Lind do not share confidential details over a phone call about genuine, unique and exclusive Tantra therapist´s adult sensual sex education professional sessions and Royal Tantra massage© Sexology treatments. Contact Christina Lind by e-mail: to make an appointment for 3 - 3,5 hours (8.900 AED) intensive sensual Royal Tantra© Therapy Experience. AMEX, Visa, Diners Club and MasterCard accepted for payment. Dubai´s outcall VIP Royal Tantra Massage© Therapy, Scandinavian Certified VIP at hotel sensual massages treatments in Dubai. Contact 2 - 6 days in advance to meet at the relaxing privacy of your hotel suite residence in Dubai latest at 20 pm. Christina Lind Royal Tantra massage© therapist in Dubai for outcall VIP massages at top Dubai hotels will improve your intimacy skills while exploring new techniques that will keep you younger, healthier and much juicier.